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The Process (B.I.F.)

This following steps will explain the process a lead/person goes through after they have responded to an ad - they are now in YOUR "Information Funnel".

1. Person answers one of your ads.

2. They are immediately sent to an "Information Page" where they will get enough information to want to either "Opt-in" or "leave the webpage". (YOU will register the person in YOUR Account - CLICK HERE for instructions on registering a lead)

3. The opt-in page sends the person to their first set of instructions - To watch the 20-Minute "Briefing Webinar" Video and Schedule a "Screening Call" with you.

4. After a successful screening call, you will invite the person to watch a Recorded or Live 90-Minute "Introduction Webinar" Video - just depends on the persons schedule.

*Remember, your job is to ONLY invite people to watch these Online Webinars. They will learn everything they need to know to answer any questions they may have. At this point, the person should have a pretty good idea about how they are feeling about ALL of this.

5. The next video to watch is the "Follow-Up Webinar". Again, you can invite them to watch the Recorded or Live Webinar.

6. Once the person has watched the Briefing, Introduction and Follow-Up Webinar's you will send them to the "Q & A Form" webpage.

7. Now, schedule a 3-Way call with your 5* Mentor (Use a conference line number)

You should have a "Lead Tracker" to keep track of where your leads are in your "Information Funnel" - You can look at my lead form at the link below...

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