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-- The "90-Day Blitz" Marketing Strategy --

What is the "90-Day Blitz" marketing strategy?

Well, simply put - it is an accountability strategy. We provide the support, tools, and most importantly the accountability that is required to be successful in OUR business. Team Rowe, with its assistants & leaders, provides 100% Team Support! But, we understand that having team members who aren't being accountable to the team and themselves just leads to people not getting results.

So, the 90-Day Blitz is all about establishing accountability among team members to perform daily tasks that are required for you to get people Signed up, Trained, and Duplicating what you're doing in your business. When you've reached the end of your 90 days in the 90-Day Blitz - you take about a week break, regroup, refocus and you start your next 90-Day blitz!

We have instructions about our group advertising strategy to get sign-ups and we keep ALL team members accountable to performing these advertising tasks!

Get with your sponsor for further explanation & instructions for your 90-Day Blitz marketing strategy. They will reinforce the importance of implementing it in your business and how to get everyone in your business doing the same thing.

Accountability and Duplication are key to your success!

"Guys, Advertising as a Group WORKS! This is how many of the leaders in the Work At Home Industry are getting daily sign-ups. Most likely this is how you came to join us. Get with your sponsor to schedule the days you will work this business in your 90-Day blitz, write it down in your calendar and stick to it!" - Gerald W.

Just follow the instructions to get your "90-Day Blitz" going...

*We will be providing the places we will be advertising and the ads to use as well!

- Printable Calendar for 2014 & 2015 (Download & Print your calendar off to have a visual schedule of the days you're committed to working during your 90-Day Blitz. Your sponsor will actually get with you about this.) (FREE DOWNLOADS)

Sticky Note Advertising
Postcard Marketing
Magazine Advertising
Online Classified Ads
Traffic Exchanges

I have spoken to some of you these past two days regarding CL ads. I whipped up a quick video on how to post a CL ad and exactly how I post mine - my ad headline - my ad itself, etc.

(Video attached)

Drop Cards? Scroll down the page and look for Drop Card Templates:

Craigslist is just ONE way to market Renatus --- Marty's leads is another --- Roadside signs  - Drop Cards -- Pull Tabs --- networking offline. The list is endless....


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